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Islamic Thought
Towards Islamization of Knowledge and Reform of Islamic Thought
American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS)

Since August 1984, IIIT has published a scholarly, refereed, quarterly journal, The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS).  


The subscription details for the 2015 issues of the Journal are as follows:

Rates:Individual $65.00USD / Institution $165.00USD (4 issues per year and inclusive of postage)

Claims: Within six months from the issue release date

Cancellation: 50% refund if written cancellation request is received prior to the release of first issue .

Agency Discounts: 10%

2015 Volume/Edition: 32 Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

Payment Method: US$ check (withdrawn on a US bank) addressed to AJISS, and mailed to: AJISS, P.O. Box: 669, Herndon, VA 20172

Version: Print only


Tables of Contents and Editorials: 

AJISS 27:1 AJISS 27: 2 AJISS 27: 3 AJISS 27:4
AJISS 28:1
AJISS 28:2 AJISS 28:3  AJISS 28:4 
 AJISS 29:1 AJISS 29:2 AJISS 29:3  AJISS 29:4
 AJISS 30:1 AJISS 30:2 AJISS 30:3  AJISS 30:4 
 AJISS 31:1 AJISS 31:2 AJISS 31:3  AJISS 31:4 

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