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IIIT Presents Emeritus Awards

On March 7, 2014, IIIT presented its Emeritus Awards to 4 of its distinguished members. The event took place in Istanbul, Turkey and celebrated the outstanding lifetime contributions of each member in his own field.

 Latest News
Seminar on Islam and Interfaith Dialogue with Seyed Amir Akrami

Dr. Seyed Amir Akrami “Islam and Interfaith Dialogue,” was the topic of IIIT’s latest monthly seminar held on March 21, 2014. Dr. Seyed Amir Akrami, the featured speaker, is a scholar of Islam, the philosophy of religion, and interfaith dialogue. He is currently a visiting scholar at the Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, VA.

TFI hosts "Green Deen Workshop"

green deen book March 22, 2014 on a clear and sunny day in Herndon- a break from the reign of the polar vortex, a workshop was held by Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, author of Green Deen: What Islam Says About Protecting the Planet to discuss the many faces of the environmental crisis and to share the connections between Islamic teachings and environmentalism. Abdul-Matin shared his research, scriptures, and personal experience to trace Islam’s dedication to humankind’s collective role as stewards of the Earth. The workshop was attended by a group of community members and interfaith partners interested in environmental sustainability.

Panel with Prof. Emad Shahin and Prof. Dalia Fahmy

IMG_2677[1] IMG_2626 “Struggle for Democracy in Egypt” was the name of the panel convened at the IIIT on Friday, January 31, 2014. The panelists were Prof. Emad Shahin, Professor of Public Policy at the American University in Cairo, and Prof. Dalia Fahmy, assistant professor of political science at Long Island University Brooklyn, New York. The two panelists addressed the post-coup situation in Egypt. Prof. Shahin focused on the state of Islamic movement in Egypt, with special emphasis on the Muslim Brothers, while Prof. Fahmy talked about the rule of law in light of the recent constitution that took effect on January 18, 2014.


 Upcoming Events
Muslims of the Balkans: Current Situation and Challenges Ahead
May 2 2014 10:30AM
Location: International Institute of Islamic Thought

IIIT will host a lecture presented by Dr. Ahmet Alibašić on May 2, 2014 titled "Muslims of the Balkans: Current Situation and Challenges Ahead."

Rethinking Islam in the Contemporary World
May 7 2014 4:30PM

The International Council for Middle East Studies invites you to attend the inaugural ICMES Annual Ibrahim Abu-Rabi Commemorative Lecture "Rethinking Islam in the Contemporary World

Muslims in UK and Europe
May 17 2014 8:00AM

Postgraduate Symposium, University of Cambridge, 17-18 May 2014

Organised by the Centre of Islamic Studies at the Univer

Summer Students Program - 2014
May 19 2014 9:00AM
Location: International Institute of Islamic Thought

The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) is pleased to announce its 2014 Summer Students Program, which will run for five weeks between Monday, May 19, and Tuesday, June 24, 201

Summer Institute for Scholars - 2014
Jun 16 2014 9:00AM
Location: International Institute of Islamic Thought

e-learning course: Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges
Sep 1 2014 8:00AM

The Woolf Institute (Cambridge) is delighted to announce that applications are now being accepted for the e-learning course, Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges.




Summer Students Program - 2014

Application and Program Details

IIIT Reading Books for Summer 2014


Summer Institute for Scholars - 2014

Call for Papers

 IIIT Visitors

April 2014

"Faith in The Neighborhood: An Introduction to America’s Religious Diversity"

Dr. Lucinda Mosher and students at ADAMS center

Dr. Lucinda Mosher - Hartford Seminary - and her students visit
ADAMS Center as part of a joint program between
Hartford Seminary and The Fairfax Institute (TFI).
During the 5-day course, students visited several
houses of worship in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area.

Reform of Higher Education in Muslim Societies

IIIT & the Wilson Center

Two-Day Symposium

December 9-10, 2013


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