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Council of Scholars
The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) established a council of scholars to provide advice to IIIT on academic matters. The Council of Scholars is comprised of eight senior scholars from American and Canadian Universities who are professors of religion, Islamic studies or social sciences with published works and current research interests that intersect with IIIT areas of interest and with a record of research and publications in the sociological study of Islam and Muslim world affairs.
The primary role of the Council of Scholars will be:
  • To review and assess current academic programs in terms of curriculum, teaching and administration, and recommend ways and means to improve them.
  • To develop and review guidelines for a core curriculum in Islamic studies at the graduate and undergraduate levels to include subjects such as: Quran and Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic history and civilization, comparative religion, contemporary Muslim world affairs and other topics relevant to IIIT areas of interest.
  • Review academic cooperation between IIIT and universities and research institutions in the US and internationally, and recommend ways and means of enhancing cooperation.
  • Review and assess polices and guidelines for IIIT scholarships and research grants.
  • Review IIIT intellectual agenda, its priorities and current research and publications polices and work in the light of contemporary challenges and opportunities and recommend priorities and methods appropriate to the emerging needs and potentials worldwide.

Members of the Council include:

  1. Prof. Abdul Hakeem Jackson - University of Michigan
  2. Prof. Mahmoud Ayoub - Hartford Seminary
  3. Prof. Sulayman Nyang - Howard University
  4. Dr.Asma Afsaruddin - University of Notre Dame
  5. Dr. Ingrid Mattson - Duncan Black Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian/Muslim Relations
  6. Dr. Muqtedar Khan - University of Delaware
  7. Dr. Mazen Hashem - USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences
  8. Dr. Cemil Aydin - George Mason University

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